Ellis Law Group attorneys practicing employment law are accomplished trial lawyers who have successfully represented defendants and plaintiffs in wrongful termination, sexual harassment and discrimination trials.  Stakes in these trials were high.
     For example:  We have successfully defended a winery (Patterson v. Abundance Vineyards) against allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination in a two-month trial in which four plaintiffs sought damages totaling $55 million. A jury of seven men and five women dismissed all claims made by three plaintiffs and awarded a token amount to the fourth defendant.

     We represented the plaintiff in a discrimination case that led to one of the largest settlements ever paid out by the Transportation Security Agency (TSA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

     We successfully defended the Western Placer Unified School District in trial and appellate courts against an employee claiming he was wrongfully terminated for constitutionally protected speech. The highly publicized case concluded with the Third District Court of Appeal holding in favor of the client/defendant on all issues.